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Post by Syina on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:10 am

These are some of the Abyssea pics I've taken this past week and a half or so

Altepa Boss - Bennu (01/13/11)
Abyssea Altepa13

Abyssea Altepa11

Abyssea Altepa12

Briareus (10/02/10)
Abyssea Braire10

Abyssea Braire11

Carabosse (01/14/11)
Abyssea Carabo10

Abyssea Carabo10

Abyssea Carabo10

Dhorme Khimaira (01/11/11)
Abyssea Dhorme10

Abyssea Dhorme11

Abyssea Dhorme12

Amphitrite (01/13/11)
Abyssea Graube10

Abyssea Graube11

Abyssea Graube12

Karkinos (01/14/11)
Abyssea Karkin10

Abyssea Karkin10

Kukulkan (01/10/11)
Abyssea Kukulk10

Abyssea Kukulk11

Abyssea Kukulk12

Sedna (01/15/11)
Abyssea Sedna_10

Abyssea Sedna_11

Abyssea Sedna_12


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