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What we do. Read before applying.  Empty What we do. Read before applying.

Post by Jason on Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:22 am

We started out as a Sky shell back in '06. Since then, we have moved on to first a social, then an endgame linkshell. We have had many members come and go... and I think this has helped us find the right type of players to compliment the 'core' group that has been in WiseGuys for several years. We look for people with a sense of humor. People that can have fun and still be proficient on their jobs. You'll find a lot of sarcasm and humor during active hours in shell. If you are easily offended, this may not be the shell for you.

Our focus? Any and everything. We will not ever limit our events. Currently we are active in Abyssea, Dynamis, Salvage, VNM's, ZNM's, KS99's, Voidwatch... basically anything that our members need in order to make us a better team. I do ask that everyone picks 2 main jobs that they ENJOY playing. Those are the jobs that I will steer drops toward. Whenever possible, I want people on jobs they have fun playing. If you hate a job, you probably wont excel at it.

Nearly every night we have something going on, starting around 7:30pm EST. Members should attempt to be online as often as possible at this time. As the game progresses into higher levels, there will be a focus shift from Abyssea to other content. After trying out things like VoidWatch, we see that there will also be a focus shift from lowman events to alliance type events. We will need as many on and ready as we can get in order not to fall behind.

A few things to keep in mind before applying:

1) All accepted applicants will be put on a 1 week trial. During trial, you need to make as many events as possible. During trial period, lotting will be limited to freelot drops ONLY.

2) If you are applying with the intention of having us finish an Emperyan/relic/mythic weapon, look elswhere. I'm not saying we wouldnt consider helping a member with one of these... but 2 days after trial is over is not a good time to ask. We have 9-10 Empy's currently in shell... all by members who have been with us for several years. Show loyalty, and we will get you what you want.

3) If you cant be online during LS events (7:30pm EST start time) dont apply.


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