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Post by Galka212 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:03 pm

Past LS was Armored a small lowman emp group. It's real good gotten alot of emps done even Ochain, but our ldr & some others are going away on a long break & i would be real bored doing nothing fun there.

Yes this is my 2nd account my main was banned for some bs so started over done abys/dyna/hnm b4

appyling cuz i would like to be in a decent size ls doing fun stuff & also cuz my lowman emp ls will be gone way too long & ill be bored as hell

have NIN 5/5+2 eponas ring with Kannagi lv85 with ws, eva, and tp sets. PLD 5/5+2 with pdt- still need to work on it. WAR 5/5+2 with GA trial emp almost done, have ws tp & pdt for cleave with zelus tiara.

Really skilled player duoed most of my stuff on nin with a dnc friend, mostly lowman ls though

only probelm is i still dont have sky acsess as of yet cuz when i started playing again after main account was banned i was too hooked on abyssea but am working on those missions again. I have all other acsess though


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Post by Syina on Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:18 am

I'm sorry, we've got all those jobs covered, plus back-ups.

Thank you for your application, and good luck.

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