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Post by Jason on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:34 am

Welcome to WiseGuys, a linkshell on Siren.

Please take a few minutes to go over the following list of basic rules. All members will be expected to follow and adhere to them, wheather in a LS function/event, or during freetime. If you have any questions or comments, please send me, or one of the co-leaders (Tree, Yagna, Syina) a /tell in game.

1. You will treat ALL other linkshell members with respect. The leaders do not want to spend their time online playing parent to adults. You will keep petty issues out of shell, or you will find a new home. Period.
1a) If you do happen to have on-going problems with another LS member, please contact a leader via /t or a PM here, not in LS or party chat.

2. You will not start conflict with any other shell during events. Keep all chat in party or shell, and inform a leader if you have any outside issues.

3. Dont be greedy. Find and focus on 2-3 jobs to make us a more effecient team. I know most people have 8-10 capped jobs here, but dont expect to gear them all. Either I, or one of the co-leaders will call drops on non-seal items. If there is something specific you are looking for, send a leader a /tell in game and we will try to mix it in.

4. Items that go freelot should NOT make their way to the AH. If your intention is to lot something to sell, pass on to next person.

5. During events, keep all non-essential macros OUT of party. The only acceptable /p macros that are allowed are stun macro's. This is the only warning for this, so expect to be removed from functions if you spam JA's/Magic macro's. Same goes for LS chat. We use this to coordinate parties during events. Keep chat to a minimum during functions.

6. READ THE /LSMES. If there is a LS planned function, it will usually be posted. Read this before you ask what the evening's plans are.

7. Force popped NM's are ALWAYS considered property of the LS that spawned them. We will NEVER claim these mobs, even if other group has completely wiped. Timed NM's are fair game, and may be claimed if the oppertunity presents itself.

8. All members are expected to be IN LINKSHELL when online.


One last thing... keep in mind that we run a large shell, with upwards of 20-25 people online at times. Please understand that if someone is farming, xping, questing... there may not always be a need for a full alliance.

We have built this shell into a great squad. We get a ton accomplished, and always have fun doing so. I believe our lotting system is completely fair... I will never play "favorites" with anyone in here. That being said... there will always be those that are unhappy, or like to start conflict. My goal is to keep negativity out of shell. If you cause drama, you will not be welcome.

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