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Post by Syina on Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:43 pm

Just wanted to make some clarifications regarding days scheduled as "free". Basically, this means do what you want. It also means that there is the possibility of impromptu low-man things going on...this could mean anything from working on old missions, to low-man abyssea farming, to unplanned salvage or other instances that can be done with whoever is on.

What I want to avoid most is people getting upset because they "missed" something that was done during unscheduled, free-time...these things usually get started b/c one or more ppl who happen to be on at the same time want to work on the same thing, and don't want to ask leaders for LS-scheduled time to do it. If you take initiative to start something up during free-time, great! But please don't assume that a small low-man group formed during free-time is looking for a lot of additional people to ask to join, and please don't get insulted if a group is full by the time you log in.

I will freely admit, these nights also give the leaders a bit of a break...it gets stressful to always be running events, and we want some down-time also.

As always, scheduled LS events are open to all, and you will be included if you are on time.

Let any of the leaders know if you have any questions. And remember....HAVE FUN!!! Very Happy


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