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Post by Syina on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:07 pm

Welcome to the new WG Forums!

All of you who had been previously registered on the old site, Thank you so much for re-registering! I had hoped to avoid that, but this site allows for much more customization, so I'm hoping that makes it worth it.

All the basic LS rules apply to the forums as well - be nice to each other and don't start drama or the posts will be removed. ALL posts are subject to edit and/or removal at the discretion of an Admin or Moderator.

Admin: Syina, Jason
Moderators: Yagna, Jedd, Athrin, Zaon

If you have any questions, comments, problems, suggestions, etc. you can PM or email an Admin/Moderator, or contact one of us in-game.

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