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Post by Jason on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:12 pm

Jobs we are currently looking for: All.

All jobs MUST be fully skilled and well geared.
Must have endgame experience on the job you're applying for.
Must be able to be online at least 5 nights per week @ 7:30pm EST.
Must be able to spell.
Must have a good rep. (No history of theft, fighting, etc)

Before posting an application, please read the General LS Rules and be sure you can follow them!! (Don't worry, there's not that many)

To submit an application, create a new topic under this forum.
Please structure as follows:

1) Name (this should be the title of your topic)

2) Past LS's/Reasons for leaving

3) Abyssea/Dynamis/HNM experience

4) Reasons for applying

5) Gear sets for jobs you're applying for.
*Include TP/PDT sets for any DD job.

6) Any additional information you think we should know.

****Any questions, send Jasonmcc, Zaon, Athrin, Syina, Yagna, Jedd a /tell in game.

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